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As manufacturers for the arms industry since 1987, we have been approved NATO suppliers, code FAVM1, since 2007.

Precision machining for the Defense and Weapons industry

As the defense sector demands an extremely high level of quality and traceability, we have put into place:

  • An automatic calculation of measurement corrections
  • An ongoing monitoring of control frequency and tool change management
  • Digital production and control documents

We are referenced by our clients, and produce, various elements for different calibers of both live and blank ammunition, 20/30/40 mm, in materials TS and TT.


Types of weapon and defense machined parts

We produce:

  • bullets/blanks,
  • jackets/shell jackets,
  • warheads,
  • warhead bodies,
  • tracer bullets,
  • fuse caps

We also manufacture parts for various sub-assemblies

  • firing pins,
  • spindles,
  • ballistic tips,
  • diffusers,
  • igniters
  • etc.

Working tungsten bars on our twin-spindles:

  • we can machine casings with precision control over length, diameter, concentricity   and circularity.
  • rectify both the bore dimensions and the exterior dimensions of the casings.