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Historically, Cally-Tech has been a supplier of machined parts to the giants in the aeronautical field, both civil and military since 1983.

Aeronautics machined parts and norms

At present we make:

  • machined parts for flight control
  • machined parts for the opening and closing of aircraft wing flaps
  • machined parts for aircraft door opening and closing mechanisms

At present our production is essentially focused on the manufacture of inserts in stainless steel 1.4542, with a cadmium surface treatment, norm AIR 9160C.


Types of machined components for aeronautics

Inserts form 10 diameter to 30mm diameter, with:

  • American threads,
  • and ISO threads.


Parts for gas-filling pumps for aircraft and helicopters


We also work aluminum, 1.4542 condition H1025, AMS 5643, and copper, CuBe2, brass, and nickel alloy.

Our production capacities are not limited to the above products. Let us define your requirements together. Our designer department approach is open to external collaboration, and we can offer a technical and economic optimization of your functional requirements.

We are able to realise the full life cycle of a product, to serve our aeronautical customers with specific design requirement levels, appearance and quality.