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We produce sub-assemblies for veranda lighting, both interior and exterior. These include both mechanical and electrical elements.


Specificities of machined parts for lighting

There are certain parameters to take into account:

  • The overheating of the metallic parts
  • The element of corrosion for external lighting
  • The ‘look’ of the visible parts of the light.


Machined parts for lighting: mechanical

Lighting sub-assemblies

Sub-assemblies with electrical cables

Machined in aluminum on twin-spindles, with OAS anti corrosion, surface treatment.
Particularly important is the management of the mass/weight of the aluminum parts in order to compensate for the heat created by the LED’s.

An OAS ( oxidation anodic sulfuric ) surface treatment protects exterior lighting elements, and guarantees that parts do not corrode and will pass any salt spray testing that a client could demand.


Machined parts and electronic

With these sub-assemblies, we also supply an electrical component which permits both the connection of the suitable LED and the electric supply necessary for the correct working of the apparatus.