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Machined couplings, connectors and valves

Here we can see the expertise of Cally-Tech, offering a wide range of standard couplings as well as specialized connectors for all types of hydraulic circuits – fluids, gases and air – combining performance, quality, safety, dependability and durability.

We produce our couplings and valves on our computerized, digitally controlled, 9 to 32 axis machines with a perfect control of geometry – cylindricity, coaxiality, perpendicularity and concentricity.

Working in stainless steel, aluminum and brass we make threaded and non-threaded couplings.


Examples of coupling and valves manufactured by Cally Tech


  • Angular drilling and surface treatment in brass and aluminum
  • Drilling, profile bore bearing + blending radius, surface treatment and heat treatment in stainless steel
  • Drilling, countersinking and seating (valve seat inserts) to a thickness 20 hundredths, plus surface treatment, in aluminum and stainless steel